About Me

My name is John Wijaya. I am an engineer for a large non-profit organization. I call Washington D.C. metro area home, but I was born and raised in Indonesia. I came to the United States in 2007 for college and earned both bachelor’s and master’s degree in Information Technology from Arkansas Tech University.

Since I was very young, I’ve been traveling on family trips. Planes, airports, takeoffs, landings, even turbulence fascinate me! The thrill of flying is incredible! I love plane-spotting at the airport during layovers. I can point out the types of planes, the manufacturers, and their characteristics. Yet, for some reason, I’ve never cared for military planes; I am a commercial plane kind of guy.

Having spent more than a decade of my adult life in the United States, I was introduced to the “miles and points” world. I love playing this game; traveling in luxury at a fraction of the cost of a revenue ticket. And loyalty programs change over time. We’ve seen countless program devaluations. But that’s the fun part of this game, there is always a workaround to get the best value of the points and miles. I remember when I used to fly back to backred-eyes, or visited three continents within 24 hours, followed by a working day. 

As I get older, I travel less and less to earn miles. Instead, I value spending time and enjoying the destination more and spending more quality time there. I’ve learned you can still travel in luxury at a fraction of the cost, just be smart about it. I will discuss morein the next few introduction posts.

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