Things I Love About Traveling Solo

This is going to be a controversial topic.

Just kidding!

We know everyone has their own preferences. I, as an introvert, love to travel alone. There are many reasons for that. Maybe some of you like to be around people all the time. But I am the type of person who can just go out to a nice restaurant and have dinner alone. No shame. Just me having my “me” time. I enjoy it.

So let’s talk about the Things I Love About Traveling Solo.

Your Own Schedule

In 2016, I did several round-the-world trips – alone. I enjoyed it very much. I remember, one day I was in Cairo, the next day I was in Doha, and the following day I was in Sydney. Finally, on the fourth day, I arrived in Brisbane, Australia.

Granted, I flew in the premium cabin the whole time. Lie-flat seat, dine-on-demand, onboard bar, and bottomless adult beverages. Yet, that still took a toll on my body. Not to mention, I had to work remotely the whole time.

Before I got to Brisbane, I had a list of things to do and places to go. When I got there, I was totally beat. My body just couldn’t keep up with the time changes. And you know what? Even though it was such a beautiful day outside, I slept all day in my hotel room. But did anybody complain about it? No. No one. Because I was traveling solo. I had my own schedule.

Eat the Food You Like

Have you ever traveled with a picky eater? No offense, but there are picky people out there. Many.

I love food. I am not picky at all. As my long-time friend from Dallas said, “I eat anything that doesn’t eat me first!”. Well, he made a point! I just can’t think of anything that I don’t like or won’t eat.

But if you travel with someone who just wants to go to Hardee’s in Cairo – Egypt, or Taco Bell in Amman – Jordan, or Burger King in Yerevan – Armenia. That sucks. That’s all I can say. I love trying local food.

The post talks about traveling solo, but I want to make my point on food. Once (or three times rather), my brother and I traveled to Vietnam.

Thanks to Qatar Airways Golden Ticket – Hello!! $673 round trip between Vietnam and the US in the premium cabin!

He and I were both jet-lagged after flying 16 hours from Dallas to Doha, and 7 hours from Doha to Ho Chi Minh City. We were wide awake at 2 AM. We decided to walk around Saigon. We found Pho Place. Well, it wasn’t the nicest place around. I saw where they washed the dishes (no further details). But it was great! We had a cold and a bowl of pho, on the street at 2 AM in Saigon.

Fit Your Own Travel Budget

This is something I probably don’t discuss much. We all love traveling comfortably. That’s why firstofly exists. We are going to walk you through how to fly in class without breaking your wallet. But I tell you, I am broke from time to time. A few years ago, I worked overseas remotely. I didn’t make much, though I made enough for globe-trotting every month. I made enough where I could take my mother along with me to see the world. But my point is, sometimes your budget can be tight.

When I was broke and traveling alone, I had Kebab every night from the kebab vendor in Sydney – they were everywhere. It cost me three to five dollars per meal. It was delicious and filling. Because of that, I could use my travel budget for something else, like going to Sydney Zoo and took a selfie with a Koala.

Feel Adventurous

Traveling is all about enjoying the experience. We, firstofly contributors, love the adventure. That’s why we exist. We want to share our experiences traveling to exotic places on earth.

When I ask people, “What’s your favorite place to visit?”. The majority will say Europe or the Americas. While these are great destinations, I also want to experience the places where people normally wouldn’t go.

How many times can you say “Oh, I have been to Kyiv – Ukraine”, ”I had chicken Kyiv at a restaurant called Chicken Kyiv.” So yes. I wandered around the city, walking through the back alley to find Chicken Kyiv!

Perhaps, another instance was when I had an overnight in Istanbul. It was winter – rainy, cold, and wet. Well, it was just perfect to have a Turkish Bath. There I went. It was totally an experience having a burly Turkish man scrubbing, massaging, and tossing me around on a hot marble slab.


Traveling Solo is not as bad as you think. Once you get used to it, I think you’ll enjoy it. I certainly do. If you have the opportunity, be it with a company or solo, just go.

It is my great pleasure to share my experiences through my eyes and words.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!


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