Hurry: ~$200 RT Economy New York to Europe

Hurry! If you are looking for a Europe trip, right now there are cheap fares available on many dates between fall 2019 and summer 2020. I see available departure dates around major holidays.

These fares are not unheard of, but these are cheap. So if you are planning to go to Europe anyway, why not just book now. We are looking at a $200s round-trip between New York and European cities like Madrid (MAD), Barcelona (BCN), Paris (CDG), and Rome (FCO). These are among the cheapest. There are also other cities available in the $300s range.

I’m not talking about Low-Cost Carriers like Norwegian, Condor, or Level. I am talking about major alliance like Oneworld. This includes American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia, Finnair, etc. Similar fares are possibly offered by other major alliances.

Fare: Starting at $200s
Cabin: Economy
Airlines: Oneworld – Possibly other alliances.
Dates: Plenty availability until Summer 2020.

How to Find

You can search on Google Flights. Just enter the origin JFK and the destinations Paris (CDG), Rome (FCO), Barcelona (BCN), and Madrid (MAD). You should be able to see good options. Alternatively, you can also just type Europe as the destination and it will open up a map view.

New York (JFK) – Paris (CDG)

New York (JFK) – Rome (FCO)

New York (JFK) – Barcelona (BCN)

New York (JFK) – Madrid (MAD)

Where to Credit

These are indeed low fares. I wouldn’t count on earning a lot of miles on these fares since U.S. Airlines are now revenue-based. Meaning you earn miles based on how much money you spend. In some cases, it’s better to credit it to partner programs. You can find the full chart on Where to Credit.

Thoughts and Suggestions

These are indeed very cheap fares. In most cases, it’s cheaper than domestic flights. If you are planning to go to Europe anyway, I will suggest booking these fares.

Please keep in mind that these fares might be basic economy fares which have baggage allowance and other restrictions. As a reminder, please be sure to read the ticketing rules to avoid a costly mistake.

Google Flights
Where To Credit

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