Turkish Airlines Lounge – Washington Dulles (IAD)

Washington Dulles Airport (IAD) is the international gateway serving the Washington D.C. metro area. I prefer to fly out of The National Airport (DCA) because it only takes 5 minutes door-to-door from home. Since I switched from Oneworld to Star Alliance, I often fly domestically on United out of IAD.

This weekend I decided to fly to Seattle to visit my brother and my mom. I booked United flight out of IAD which departed at 8:45 AM. I left the house early so I could visit and review the Turkish Airlines Lounge.

The Turkish Airlines Lounge located in Terminal B, near gate 43. The lounge is open daily between 6 AM until midnight. It can get very busy depending on the time of the day, especially in the evening when most transatlantic flights depart. The lounge can also be accessed using Priority Pass membership.

Star Alliance Gold membership gives me access to Star Alliance lounges regardless of the ticketed cabin. Upon entry, I provided my boarding pass along with my Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles Elite membership card. I was promptly admitted.

The lounge has three sections. The main one consists of seating areas such as couches, sofas, ottomans, and dining tables. The lounge also has a great view of the tarmac and has plenty of natural lights.

There is a buffet area in the center as well as a dessert and drink station against the wall.

I got there early in the morning. The breakfast spread looked pretty basic. Though I had been there in the past during dinner time – The hot food spread was more substantial.

Behind the main area next to the window, there is a narrow hallway that takes you to the second section where the bar is. There are more seating options there and a quiet room. Turkish coffee is also available upon request from the bar.

In the main section, there is a set of the staircase up to the second floor. It does look like the second floor is a reserved area or for some kind of private event.

During my visit, I also checked out the bathroom. They were nice and clean.


The Turkish Airlines lounge at IAD is better than most US lounges. It’s not as good as the Turkish Airlines flagship lounge in Istanbul. The lounge itself can get very busy to a point you can’t even find a seat. In the past, I had been denied entry during peak time using Priority Pass. However, it wasn’t at all an issue when accessing using my Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles Elite membership, even when it was busy.

I wouldn’t arrive 3 hours before departure to enjoy the lounge. But it’s certainly a good place to wait before your flight. If you fly in the economy domestically and have access, I would have dinner here first before your flight.

If you’ve been to the Turkish Airlines lounge at IAD, what was your experience?

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