Sleepbox – Washington Dulles (IAD)

In August 2019, Sleepbox at Washington Dulles (IAD) joined the Priority Pass network. Sleepbox is a new type of hotel where you can rent a room at an hourly rate. The rate varies depending on the type of rooms and the length of stay. For some reason, I can’t find the pricing on their website. Instead, you will need to download the mobile app to check the details.

Sleepbox opens 24 hours daily. Priority Pass website noted that only 1 card per visit per Cardholder will be accepted at point of registration. So per Term and Condition, you may not bring an additional guest and receive a one-hour free stay. Furthermore, it also states that one Sleepbox is only for one individual. In other words, you can’t share a Seepbox with another guest.


After visited the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, I decided to try Sleepbox. The lounge is located at Concourse A near gate A15 in the lower level. You need to take an escalator down where it says AeroTrain. So the actual location of the lounge is right below gate A15.


Upon arrival at the lounge, I presented my Priority Pass card. They also asked for a credit card for incidentals as if you were checking in at a hotel. The check-in process was quick – I was admitted within minutes.


There is a special rate for a Priority Pass member. The first hour is free, and the subsequent hour is $24. If you stay longer, the hourly rate will be cheaper. I didn’t see any details posted, so you need to be careful not to get overcharged. The only place you can find the detail rates in on their App. Please be sure to confirm the hourly rate before staying.

If you are a non-Priority Pass member, the hourly rate is $25. Similarly, you’ll get a discount for a longer stay.

One thing I notice that the App allows you to book 15-minute increments. For review purposes, I downloaded the App for iPhone to see the rate differences.

Hourly Rate for 1 Hour:

Hourly Rate for 24 hours:

Total Cost for 12 Hour Stay:

Total Cost for 24 Hour Stay:


The box comes with standard bedding such as a bedsheet, pillows, and a blanket. I find the room clean and tidy. The box also has a standard ceiling height, meaning you don’t have to crawl to get in – it doesn’t feel claustrophobic at all.

There is also a nightstand, a folding table, and a power outlet. I managed to doze off for half an hour. The only two downsides I can think of is that it doesn’t have a shower facility, and there is a frosted window on each box. Meaning if you switch off the light, it’s doesn’t get completely dark.


The check out process was quick and simple. Just let the attendant know your box number and tell them that you are done.


It’s a neat concept, especially if you have an extended layover and do not plan on leaving the airport.

The hourly rate is a little steep. But if you want to stay overnight (12 hours or longer), there is a significant discount for Priority Pass members. Alternatively, many airport hotels around Washington Dulles offer reasonable nightly rates.

Aside from the rates, the box itself is comfortable and doesn’t feel claustrophobic at all. The room is clean and provides basic amenities. I wish it provided a shower facility, which makes the pricing more justifiable.

Priority Pass

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