Stop! Thief!

I’ve written some posts in the past about how I love the adventure when traveling alone. As you know, I had an unplanned trip to Sao Paulo this past weekend. The motive of this trip was to review United Polaris Business Class. Also, sometimes I get itchy when I don’t have any agenda on the weekend, so why not just fly somewhere.

In this series:

  1. Unplanned Flight Path: Brazil!
  2. My First Impression of São Paulo
  3. United Polaris Business Class 767-300ER Washington to São Paulo
  4. 39 Hours in São Paulo: What I did
  5. Stop! Thief!
  6. Star Alliance Lounge – São Paulo
  7. United Economy 767-300ER São Paulo to Washington

Well, I made it to Sao Paulo. It was 93 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday. But I figured I’d just have to do the touristy stuff since my time here was very limited. I walked around the city without any particular direction.

I got to this area called República. As you can see from the picture below, there is a fascinating looking church called Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição Santa Ifigênia. Just like what a tourist would do, I pulled out my phone and started taking pictures. I stood there on the curb for a few seconds and tried to get a good angle. All the sudden someone riding a bicycle towards me and tried to snatch my phone from my hand! Fortunately, I held my phone firmly enough that he couldn’t get it off.

I yelled at him and he just took off. I could feel the adrenalin rush running inside my body. I didn’t feel unsafe or anything in Brazil. What I mean by unsafe as if someone tried to hurt me physically. But thieves are out there, so be careful!

The next morning, I scrolled through my phone to sort out the pictures I wanted to keep or discard. I was surprised that there was one picture right when this incident occurred. As you can see from the picture below, someone was riding a bicycle towards me to steal my phone.


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