British Airways Galleries Lounge – Washington Dulles (IAD)

I’ve been to British Airways Galleries Lounge at Washington Dulles (IAD) in the past when I flew to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific. Cathay Pacific uses this lounge for its premium passengers. Interestingly enough, Qatar Airways uses the Turkish Airlines Lounge instead even though they are not part of Star Alliance.

Most long haul flights out of Dulles depart in the evening. During day time, these lounges are slow. Rather than left unused during the day, airlines get creative. They joined the priority pass network to generate revenues.

The British Airways Galleries Lounge located in Terminal B. The lounge is open daily between 7 AM to 2 PM and can be accessed using Priority Pass membership. Keep in mind, cardmembers will not be admitted outside these hours.

To enter, you need to take an elevator up and present your Priority Pass card.

The entryway and hallway along the glass wall look very elegant. On the left-hand side, there is a private room reserved for passengers traveling in First Class exclusively on British Airways flights. The dining room also has the same restriction.

Next, there is a small section in the middle where you can find the buffet. Unfortunately, the spread consists of packaged snacks. In the evening, they had more items, though it was still lackluster compared to other lounges to be completely honest.

Towards the back, there is a business center and the restroom.

At the end of the hallway, there is another section, which is closed during Priority Pass hours. I did get inside during my previous visit. There is a staffed bar with some seating and dining areas overlooking the Tarmac.


Overall, I’m not impressed with the lounge during Priority Pass hours. While the decor is beautiful, the snack offerings are limited. If you wanted to eat, I would go to either the Turkish Airlines Lounge. But if you just need a quiet place before your flight, this is a perfect place.

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