Lufthansa Senator Lounge – Washington Dulles (IAD)

My office is not very far from Washington Dulles Airport (IAD), so I got to the airport early with plenty of time to spare. I decided to do lounge hopping. In the past, I’ve visited Turkish Airlines Lounge, British Airways Galleries Lounge, Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse and a few others. Now it’s time to review Lufthansa Senator Lounge and see how it compares. Thanks to my Star Alliance Gold status that allows me to enter this lounge.

Lufthansa Senator Lounge and Lufthansa Business Class Lounge are similar – though it can be a little confusing in terms of which one you have access to. Depending on your ticket, status, and operating airline, you have access to either or both lounges. There is a summary table that you can refer to. Senator lounge is supposedly better, but it’s arguably the same. It’s just how they manage and divide the crowd.

As usual, check-in was painless. I presented my boarding pass along with my Turkish Miles and Smiles Elite card for admission.

At IAD, the Senator Lounge is located upstairs next to the reception, while the Business Lounge is located downstairs. To be honest, there isn’t much of a distinction other than being split between the two floors.

Upon entrance, there is a sitting area with bar stools and counter right next to the buffet.

In terms of food offerings, I’d say this is on par with the Turkish Airlines Lounge, if not better. I’m a meat and potato guy. So I appreciate that they serve a good amount of protein.

There is also a salad bar.

Variety of sandwiches.

And of course the dessert station.

Next is the bar area which had an Oktoberfest decoration around it, which is cute.

The main area of the lounge has a very high ceiling, which makes it feel spacious. It has an amazing view overlooking the tarmac, which is the best part!

That said, seating is limited, especially before Lufthansa flights depart. There is a small section reserved for First Class passengers, as well as a boarding door.

I had a few bites and got some work done while I was there. Before leaving, I checked out the Business Lounge downstairs.

It’s roughly the same size, but it feels more cramped due to a low ceiling.


The lounge can get very busy before Lufthansa flights depart. But it was empty when I got there. The main area has an amazing view, especially when you see the Queen of the Sky parks. The hot food selections are very good. Out of most lounges I’ve visited, I think Lufthansa Senator Lounge is the best. If I have a few hours before my flight, I wouldn’t mind waiting here.

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