Andaz Singapore

As I mentioned on my review of the Hyatt Regency Bali, as an over a decade-long Globalist (Diamond) member of the World of Hyatt program, it is my go-to hotel chain during my travels. There are two Hyatt properties in Singapore: the older Grand Hyatt Singapore located off of Scotts Road and the Andaz Singapore, which opened its door in late 2017, located near Bugis MRT.

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The two most common ways to reach the hotel from the airport are to take the MRT or a taxi (or in my case, Grab). While there is an entrance to the Bugis MRT directly underneath the hotel, I still prefer to take a taxi as it is considerably faster. Sans traffic, one can reach the hotel within 10-15 minute drive from the airport. One note, however, taxi drivers often take you to the wrong entrance of the building, as the complex does have multiple entrances. Be sure to select “Andaz at Duo” when ordering your ride to be sure they drop you off/pick you up from at the hotel entrance.

The lobby of the hotel is located on the 25th floor, so one must take an elevator from the third floor where the entrance is. Once reaching the lobby, we were assisted by a friendly host whom checked us in to our Andaz Suite rather swiftly. We were also informed that the hotel has eliminated its happy hour program, and instead we were given four drink coupons that can be redeemed at the bar.

We took a second set of elevator to the 33rd floor to our suite, room 3321. Upon entering the room, the electronic window blinds and shades opened up giving plenty of rays inside the room.

There is a powder room to the side as well as a closet/changing area. Adjacent to the bedroom, there is a sizeable living room with seating areas next to the window.

The bathroom is large with an enormous bathtub overlooking the water, equipped with Christophe Laudamiel branded amenities.

Once settled in, we went downstairs to the sunroom for a beverage. We waited at the entrance for a little while, and while the servers recognized our presence, they did nothing to offer us a seat. Tired of waiting, we just seated ourselves.

A short time later, a server came and took our order, but stated that they were not accepting the drink coupons given to us by the host at check-in. To make a long story short, I asked them to honor the coupon, which they finally did, after the server made some inquiries to her fellow coworkers. Of note, the server was not particularly hospitable either, if not borderline brash. Coming from Hyatt Regency Bali where everyone was delightfully hospitable, this is exactly the area of Andaz Singapore that needed the most improvement: customer service.

The drink, “Ice Kachang Cocktail”, is a little play on a local delicacy/dessert called Iced Kacang — essentially a shaved ice with some jellies, red beans, syrup, palm sugar, coconut cream and condensed milk. It was delicious.

We spent one evening at poolside to watch the sunset. The infinity pool is located outdoor next to the sunroom and plenty of pool chairs to sit on.

Breakfast is offered in their restaurant, Alley on 25. It is a concept of “restaurants within a restaurant” that is a little quirky, in my opinion.

There are three “restaurants” (in reality, they are more like “areas”). Each area offers a different cuisine, and guests can freely move from one area to another. Service was better this time around as compared to my very first stay at Andaz Singapore last year, where I had a similar customer service experience as noted above.

Andaz Singapore is a beautiful hotel located in the heart of Singapore. The room rates can be expensive at times, but with the exception of some customer service issues, I think it is a solid hotel. It will continue to be my hotel of choice in Singapore, and hopefully the management is able to consider some of the feedback from guests to further improve the delivery of their service.

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