Unnecessary Obsession When Flying

When you are into this miles and points game, people automatically think you’re weird. Well, I’m weird, and I’m okay with that. There are particular obsessions that I have when flying, especially when I’m trying to maximize the experience without spending a fortune.

Warning: This post is intended solely for entertainment purposes. It may sound bougie, but that’s just for the humor. It doesn’t reflect who I am as a firstofly-er. 🙂 


I don’t go to the store and buy full price jeans for $79.99. I wait until they are in the clearance section for $12.99 — True story. The same applies to flying. Of course, I like flying comfortably, quite frankly, who doesn’t like nice things? 

I’m a penny pincher when it comes to purchasing a plane ticket. I look for the best deal and upgrade it to business or first class. When possible, I always try to secure an upgrade, whether I use miles, upgrade certificates, or complimentary upgrade as part of airline elite status benefits. If the upgrade doesn’t clear at the time of booking, I will keep checking the inventory and upgrade status every day until it’s confirmed.

For a domestic flight, I’d get moody the entire flight when my upgrade doesn’t clear. But when it comes to an international long haul flight, I won’t even risk it not having a confirmed upgrade. I did it once from Sao Paulo to Washingtona 10-hour redeye flight without a minute of sleep. I felt miserable and got sick for almost two weeks. That was one of the few regrets and mistakes I made in life. In short, I’d instead not go if I can’t snag a comfortable seat.

In-Flight Meals

Yasssss… I love food! Speaking about domestic flights, I’m not sure why I’m so obsessed with microwave TV dinner, or something that resembles cat food. It’s just one of those things I don’t know how to explain.

It’s free food…

Yeah, I think that’s what it is!

Window Seat on the Right Side

I do realize I look better when taking a selfie with my head rotated at a 45-degree angle to the right, partially exposing the left side of my face. That’s why I’m obsessed with the window seat on the right side of the plane.

Yeah, the right side of my face is less pretty compared to the left side. So this obsession will continue for the foreseeable future I’m afraid.

I usually choose the last row because it’s often more private, and also less likely people will notice my pose when I take a selfie.

Come on, guys — you better give me some credit for admitting this publicly!

Lounge Hopping

It’s all about maximizing the value. I currently have a Priority Pass membership, Star Alliance Gold, and Oneworld Emerald status. Chances are when I’m out at the airport regardless of where I fly, I most likely have access to airport lounges.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m super hungry or feeling stuffed from the dinner I just had before getting to the airport. You’ll always find myself sitting next to the buffet spread and shoving those lamb meatballs and baklava (at Turkish Airlines Lounge) down my throat.

Yasss… go ahead and judge! 😉

Amenity Kit

I’m actually planning to write a separate post about my obsession with amenity kits. I’m totally obsessed about what color of amenity I get on each long haul flight. It’s a big darn deal! I don’t want the same color I already have at home. Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines do a pretty good job of diversifying the color choices. I even steal my mom’s amenity kit, and I gave her mine because I didn’t have the female kit at home. Oh, not to mention the Pink breast cancer edition from Qatar Airways that’s sitting beautifully on the shelf at home. Now I need to get the Spiderman amenity kit from United!

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