Priority Pass: Point the Way Cafe at Los Angeles International Airport T6 (LAX)

Upon arrival at Los Angeles International Airport, I headed to Point the Way Cafe at terminal 6. Point the Way Cafe is located adjacent to the gate 65A and 65B, which is part of the Priority Pass restaurant network. At first, I wasn’t sure if I could use my arriving boarding pass to access the restaurant, but it turned out it was a non-issue. I presented my Priority Pass without being asked to show my boarding pass.

According to Priority Pass: “this full-service pub serves up all-American favorite dishes in a cozy environment”

Priority Pass memberships issued by most Credit Card issues are entitled to receive $28 food credit. If you invite two additional guests, each person will receive $28 credit, as well. One thing to remember is that membership issued by American Express no longer received dining credit.

The restaurant was busy. It took a good 10 minutes until the waitress (or the bartender in this case) to take my order.

I ordered Sesame Crusted Salmon, which took another 20 minutes to make.

The salmon was flaky and flavorful. The green beans were tender, and the Japanese sushi rice was tasty. I think it was a pretty solid option.

Overall the food was good, but nothing spectacular. The staff was friendly, and the service was quick. Please be mindful that the $28 food credit does not include gratuity. So please tip.


It was my first time visiting Point the Way Cafe, and I think the food was pretty solid. The salmon I had was flaky and flavorful. I wish that the service was quicker. The Point the Way Cafe is an excellent addition to the Priority Pass network. If you have some time to spare and have a Priority Pass membership issued by banks other than American Express, I’d recommend you stop by this place.

Priority Pass

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