Sunday Brunch Episode 4: Malaysia Airlines Business Class KUL – PEK

A few years ago, I took my mother on a trip to Beijing. I remember that I purchased a very cheap flight on Malaysia Airlines from Jakarta (CGK) to Beijing (PEK) via Kuala Lumpur (KUL) for $200s round-trip in Economy.

Malaysia Airlines has a program called MHupgrade, where you can upgrade to Business Class by bidding a specific amount. If your ticket qualifies, Malaysia Airlines will send out an email a few days after booking to let you know that you can make a bidding offer.

Long story short, my bids were accepted, and I ended up paying about $100 per segment, per person to upgrade from Kuala Lumpur and Beijing (vv.) In total, I paid around $400s per person for in Business Class — not bad at all!

Dinner service started with the famous Malaysian Satay. You had the options, either beef or chicken.

Then appetizer consisted of Prawn Salad. It was good and fresh.

My mom had chicken roulade.

And then she ordered white fish. The fish was decent, but it was a bit bland.

I ordered the lamb shanks with rosemary. It was delicious. My mom tasted my dish, and she really liked it, so we switched. I let her have my lamb shanks, and I ate her fish dish instead.

To finish, we had Häagen-Dazs ice cream.


I heard mixed reviews about Malaysia Airlines in general. Unfortunately, some people are afraid even to fly them. I disagree. I feel totally comfortable flying them. I found Malaysia Airlines’ product and service are consistently excellent. I love how hospitable the crews are, and this flight was no exception.

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