American Airlines Flagship Lounge at Los Angeles International (LAX)

After visiting the fantastic Qantas First Lounge, I headed to terminal 4, where my flight departed. Keep in mind that Tom Bradley International Terminal and Terminal 4 are connected airside, meaning you don’t need to re-clear the security.

In this series:

The American Airlines Flagship Lounge is located near gate 40. While I have access to this lounge based on my ticketed cabin on my Shanghai bound flight on American Airlines, I would also have access if I were to fly in the economy cabin, thanks to the Oneworld Emerald status.

In this terminal, the Flagship Lounge and Admirals Club share the same floor. Upon check-in, I was given an invitation card to access the Flagship Lounge on the upper level.

The lounge has a few different sections, but mainly just a big open space with some sitting area with a great view overlooking the tarmac. This lounge is not small, but it was busy — it took me a while to find a seat.

Typically when I visit a lounge, I’m more interested in the food offering. As far as ground experience, American Airlines stands out. Onboard, it’s a different game.

Towards the back, there is also a breakfast sandwich station where you can order one, freshly made.

In the middle section of the lounge, there is a sitting area with several bar stools and a self-serve Champagne and wine station.

I didn’t have much time to explore the lounge, but I believe there is an attended bar on the other side. Alternatively, there is a self-serve alcoholic beverage station right next to the buffet.

I managed to sample a few items from the buffet and enjoyed the magnificent view of the plane that was going to take me to Shanghai that morning.


There is doubt American Airlines delivers an outstanding ground experience. I have always been impressed by their Flagship Lounges throughout the network, and the Flagship Lounge at LAX was no exception.

The food and beverage quality was excellent. I can’t wait to experience Flagship Dining, which can only be accessed when you fly international or transcontinental First Class. I wish the same can be said about their onboard product, which left a lot to be desired.

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