Sunday Brunch Episode 7: Singapore Airlines First Class SIN – DXB

A few years ago, I took a semi-sabbatical leave, in a sense that I still worked remotely, anywhere in the world. So, my schedule was flexible. At the end of summer, Kevy and I decided to go on a trip to a place that is a bit more exotic than usual. We decided to visit Armenia and spent a few days in Yerevan — We did enjoy it!

Before we met up in Yerevan, I spent a few days in Dubai, exploring the city by myself. I redeemed 37,500 Krisflyer miles in business class from Jakarta to Dubai via Singapore. I had a short layover at Changi Airport, which resulted in me arriving late at the gate. When the gate agent scanned my boarding pass, the machine went off.

That beeping sound!

So it’s either a good sign or a bad sign — it can’t be both. The agent pulled me aside. Apparently, there was a last-minute equipment swap. At that time, Singapore Airlines had two different configurations in terms of seat count on their Boeing 777-300ER planes. The assigned aircraft had more first-class seats and fewer business class seats.

It took the gate agent a minute or two typing something on his computer. Moments later, he printed a new boarding pass for me, and it says 2F.


I just got an operational upgrade from business to first-class! Never in my life, I got an Op-Up, especially when I was not even a Krisflyer elite member. Furthermore, typically airlines only upgrade paid tickets as opposed to an award ticket.


Once airborne, lunch service started with the famous Singapore Chicken and Lamb Satay, as well as a glass of Champagne of your choice: Krug and/or Dom Pérignon.

Followed by Chilled Malossol Caviar.

I also had Split Spiced Pea Soup.

The starter also came with Baby Romaine Lettuce, Lamb Lettuce, and Cherry Tomatoes, which I found basic.

Since it was a last-minute upgrade, I decided to stick with the Lamb Chops that I ordered.

To finish, I had Warm Rosemary Apricot Tart and Vanilla Ice Cream.

After lunch, I worked for a few hours and napped. Before landing, I ordered Singapore Beef Noodle Soup and a cup of cappuccino.


The operational upgrade to first class was a treat! I would be perfectly happy settling in business class, but who can say no to first class? 😉

Overall, the food was good, but nothing to brag about. I think the highlight of the meal was the caviar course.

Even in business class, 37,500 miles for an 8-hour flight represented an excellent value. But being able to enjoy first-class for the same price, that’s a steal.

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