Sunday Brunch Episode 9: The Pier First, Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge – Á la Carte Dining

I travel with my mother quite often — at least once a year. About two years ago, Kevy and I went to Asia for a quick mileage run on Qatar Airways. On our return flight back to the United States, we met up with mom in Hong Kong, and three of us flew back on American Airlines.

We headed to the airport a few hours earlier and visited The Pier, First, which is Cathay Pacific’s first-class lounge. My favorite thing about this lounge is the a la carte dining where we sat down and had proper meals.

We shared a few dishes together. For the appetizer, we ordered sesame-crusted seared tuna.

As a seafood lover, I ordered fish as well for the main course.

The portion is relatively small. We then ordered stir fry prawn.

We also tried the stir-fry beef.


Although most of the food came in a small portion, they were quite delicious. Perhaps, you may want to order a few different things to sample the menu.

This lounge continues to be one of my favorite first-class lounges. It’s worth coming to the airport early and experience it. Last but not least, don’t forget to take advantage of the complimentary massage service by Gentlemen’s Tonic.

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