Sunday Brunch Episode 10: Qatar Airways Business Class CGK – DOH

As usual, I am posting a Sunday Brunch Series every Sunday to highlight the meal I’ve had at lounges, hotels, and on flights in the past few years. This week’s post talks about the meal I had on a Qatar Airways flight I took in 2017 from Jakarta to Doha.

Qatar Airways is such a fantastic airline. I’ve consistently had enjoyable flights with them. The crews are polished, and the food is generally excellent. This flight was no exception.

Every meal service on Qatar Airways always starts with amuse-bouche.

I order grilled prawns for the appetizer, which consisted of quail eggs and pomelo.

For the main course, I ordered beef fillet steak. While it was flavorful, the steak was cooked well done, which is common in most airlines.

To finished, I had mango sticky rice dessert with pandan cream sauce. It was yummy!

I love smoked salmon. I also decided to order some snack mid-flight, which consisted of smoked salmon, asparagus, oranges, and feta cheese. Essentially the same items as the amuse-bouche but in a more substantial portion.

I also ordered some ice cream.

It was a short 8-hour flight, so I decided to maximize my sleep and skipped breakfast since I would have access to Qatar Airways Al Safwa First Class Lounge in Doha.


I’ve always enjoyed my Qatar Airways flights — they never disappoint. While I’ve had better meals on Turkish Airlines, I think Qatar Airways still represents a great value, especially if you can snag a cheap business class ticket.

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