Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge Satellite Terminal – Kuala Lumpur Airport (KUL)

Although some of you may disagree, Malaysia Airlines is one of my favorite airlines, especially when traveling within Asia. Their hospitality is what really stands out. I always had a great experience flying with them. The crews are warm and kind. My recent flight with them was no exception.

In this series:

This time around, I only had an hour layover in Kuala Lumpur. I knew their Golden Lounge at the satellite terminal just underwent a construction a year or so ago. Even though I didn’t have time to have lunch there, at least I wanted to check out the newly remodeled space.

Upon presenting my boarding pass, I was immediately admitted to the first class lounge, thanks to my Oneworld Emerald status, even when flying business class.

The entrance feels a bit more open. The business class area is located on the left side, while the first class area is on the opposite side.

Similarly, the entryway seems a bit more open and bright.

There are a few chairs and coffee tables in the main area and a few artworks.

The dining area is located to the left, adjacent to the first sitting area. The carpet and furniture have been updated, though the location remains the same.

The main sitting area doesn’t change much either. But that’s not a bad thing because I really like how it’s laid out. I also do think that design is aesthetically pleasing. The best part of all is the view, which overlooks the tarmac.

Depending on what time of the day, a buffet station is available, which serves a variety of snacks, drinks, and light bites.

And a dozen or so chairs and tables right next to the buffet.

I think the most significant change was the location of the toilet and showers. Before the remodel, they were located at the end of the hallway towards near the day beds. After the renovation, the toilet and showers are located in the front section of the lounge.


It’s been a couple of years since I visited Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge before the renovation. What I can see, the update was minor, though I love the design. It has so many characters and does represent the Malay traditional design element.

I really wish I had time to sit down and have a proper lunch. As far as I can remember, the food was great. Perhaps, it’s something to look forward to on my next trip!

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