Jewel Changi Airport

On my most recent trip to the South Pacific, I intentionally planned to have at least half a day layover in Singapore, primarily to check out Qantas First Class Lounge and Jewel Changi Airport. According to Wikipedia, Jewel Changi Airport is a nature-themed entertainment and retail complex located at Changi Airport Singapore. What’s cool about it is that the structure was built in between terminals, landside, which means non-travelers can also visit the Jewel even when they’re not flying.

In this series:

As a transiting passenger, I had to clear immigration and custom. Once I exited the sterile area, I followed the sign and walked for about 15 minutes.

I didn’t intend to write a review or a trip report about this place. My primary goal is to share with you some of the photos I took and my thoughts on it.

The entrance looks pretty much like a shopping mall. You’ll pass a lot of stores, restaurants, and a variety of retail spaces.

Once you get to the atrium, you’ll find what’s so-called the Jewell. I have to say that it was stunning; It was definitely one of my bucket lists.

While there are air conditions inside the building structure, the atrium is semi-outdoor, meaning you can feel the humidity. There were so many people there, and not to mention many of them walked around with their carry-on bags — Admittedly, I was one of them!

There are many restaurants at the top level where you can sample a variety of international cuisines. But when you’re in Singapore, I highly recommend you try the Hainanese Chicken Rice, which is the Singaporean staple food.


I was so happy that I finally got to visit Jewel Changi Airport. While it’s not a historical site, it’s definitely one of the newest addition to Singapore’s list of things to see. Before my visit, when I saw pictures on the internet, I thought it looked surreal. But when I saw it in person, it looked just like on the photos — it was breathtaking. If you have the opportunity to visit Singapore, I highly recommend you to spend some time at the Jewell and try Singaporean food.

Singapore has always been one of my favorite countries in South East Asia. Growing up in Indonesia, Singapore was a weekend getaway thing that our family frequently did. I can’t wait to go back to Asia and visit places Kevy recommended. If you want to check out some of the videos I took, you can check out my Instagram story.

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