Qantas Business Class 737-800 Melbourne to Christchurch

After an impressive flight from Singapore to Melbourne and a quick visit to Qantas International First Lounge Melbourne, I headed to the gate where my connecting flight to Christchurch departed.

In this series:

Flight Number: QF133
Route: Melbourne (MEL) – Christchurch (CHC)
Schedule: 07:20 – 12:40
Duration: 3h 20m
Aircraft Type: Boeing 737-800
Cabin: Business Class
Seat: 3F
Date: December 29, 2019

My flight was 20 minutes delayed, so I hung out at the lounge a bit longer until boarding commenced — I was among the last passengers to board. Unlike my previous flight on Airbus A380, this short hop was operated by an aging Boeing 737.

The business class cabin on Qantas’ narrow-body plane is pretty standard, just like the typical domestic first class cabin in North America. However, most international carriers configure their regional business class cabin with a footrest, although the legroom wasn’t that great on this particular flight.

Waiting at my seat were headphones, blanket, and pillow.

As I’ve always mentioned, a great flight starts with an excellent service. This flight was no exception. The flight attendants were relatively young and very friendly — they addressed me by my last name throughout the flight.

Despite the delay announcement, we ended up leaving the gate only 5 minutes later than our scheduled departure time, once the boarding gate closed. We taxied to the runway and rolled down the runway in no time.

Shortly after take-off, the flight attendants took my breakfast order.

The starter consisted of greek style yoghurt with blueberry and lavender compote and gingerbread rhubarb muffin. For some reason, it took a while for the starter to come — about 55 minutes after take-off.

For the main course, I ordered bacon, egg, and gruyère toasted sourdough sandwich with Neil’s tomato relish, along with some healthy (green) juice.

The bread was a bit too greasy to my liking, but butter does make everything tastes better! It was easily the best breakfast on any short-haul flight I’ve ever taken. I guess the Ozzie knows very well how to make yummy brekkie! 😉

Once the breakfast service completed, I attempted to connect to Wifi. Unfortunately, while Qantas offers free internet, it wasn’t working at that time.

Instead, I reclined my seat and enjoyed the remaining of the flight. Every once in a while, I looked out of my window to stunning views.

I also checked out the lavatory.

A little over two and a half hours into the flight, we started our initial descent into Christchurch.

We landed in Christchurch 8 minutes ahead of schedule.


I don’t have anything to say but good things about Qantas Airways. My experience has been incredible, and it’s refreshing to see employees who work with pride and enjoy their job very much. While the hard product isn’t the best in the industry (they are still very good), the service standard they provide amazes me.

I very much enjoyed this short hop from Melbourne to Christchurch. The flight attendants were friendly, and the breakfast was incredible. I am looking forward to flying Qantas again on my next adventure in the South Pacific.

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