Air Canada Business Class 787-9 Los Angeles to Toronto

In the past, I wrote about how I made a costly mistake twice, which led me into booking this cheap transcontinental flight in business class using Turkish Airlines miles. After exploring Asia for early Thanksgiving holiday and had a blast living a beach life in Palawan, it was hard to get back to the freezing winter in the northern hemisphere.

I arrived in Los Angeles on my Turkish Airlines flight two days before Thanksgiving. After visiting the Maple Leaf Lounge at Terminal 6, I walked to my boarding gate, which was only a 3-minute walk. I got to my gate just in time when they started boarding. I boarded through door 2L, turned left, and settled in my seat 1K.

Flight Number: AC788
Route: Los Angeles (LAX) – Toronto (YYZ)
Schedule: 22:35 – 05:58+1
Duration: 4h 23m
Aircraft Type: Boeing 787-9
Cabin: Business Class
Seat: 1K
Date: November 26, 2019

Flying transcontinental on a wide-body aircraft with lie-flat seats is always a treat. Air Canada has a 1-2-1, all-direct-aisle-access reversed herringbone configuration on their 787s. I really like the finish. While it doesn’t look too blingy, it certainly feels modern and clean.

Waiting at my seats were mattress pad, duvet cover, pillow, amenity kit, and noise-canceling headphones — wow! I couldn’t believe they offered such amenities on a short, four-hour red-eye flight.

The flight attendants were all friendly, enthusiastic, and seemed happy being at work, which was quite refreshing to see. As we know, the customer service found in most North American carriers generally leaves a lot to be desired.

There were two meal services on this short transcontinental flights: cheese plates after take-off, and a full breakfast before landing. I didn’t feel very sleepy as my body was still trying to re-adjust the timezone. After take-off, I ordered a cheese plate.

I tried to doze off a bit, but I couldn’t. So instead, I browsed through the entertainment selections.

About an hour before landing, breakfast service started. I had a surprisingly good omelet. I liked the cheese and red pepper relish on the side instead of the usual cheese omelet I had on American Airlines flight.

We landed in Toronto before sunrise when it was still dark.


My first flight on Air Canada was memorable. I had a low expectation, but the crews did surprise me with their fantastic service. The hard product was also excellent even though it was such a short red-eye flight. The amenities provided, such as mattress pad and duvet cover, were a nice touch and certainly better than what their competitors offer. Breakfast was also excellent. I wouldn’t hesitate to fly Air Canada again.

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