Sunday Brunch Episode 16: American Airlines Business Class DFW – NRT

In the past, I’ve been very vocal about the service level American Airlines provides. I said, “in the past” because I officially became their former customer. I had enough. I’d instead spend my money elsewhere.

If I’m lucky, I get a mediocre service at best. American Airlines’ catering is not too far off either. That said, there are a few routes that offer a decent quality of the meal, such as flights between The United States and Japan.

In 2018, Kevy and I flew from Dallas to Tokyo Narita. Instead of ordering the Western option, I opted for the Japanese set menu – Dainomono is definitely my go-to choice.

The service started drinks and warm nuts. As you can see, the warm nuts were served in a plastic cup. It was for sure a first-world problem, but at the same time, it was something that didn’t take much effort.

For drinks, I had Kirin Ichiban, while Kevy had a bottle of Sake.

The starter came in a set box. Everything there was tasty.

The main course consisted of grilled fish, which was delicious and flavorful.

For dessert, we both had ice cream sundae.

Breakfast service started nearly two hours before arrival. I had the usual quiche.


Overall I really enjoyed the Japanese meal selection – I highly recommend it over the western option. The service itself was ok. While serving the warm nuts in a plastic cut was minor, I wish the flight attendant put a bit more effort in providing a business class experience.

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