Sunday Brunch Episode 17: Renaissance Santiago, Chile

A few years ago, my friend Todd and I went on a trip to Santiago, Chile, on Labor Day Weekend. Neither of us had been to Chile, so it was a new adventure. At that time, I was a Starwood Gold member. When Marriott acquired Starwood Hotels, Mariott matched my status. I then became a Mariott Gold member.

Todd and I decided to stay at Renaissance Santiago. With my elite benefit, we received a complimentary breakfast and evening snack during our stay at their lounge.

I wouldn’t consider it a full breakfast, though it was much better than I expected, which is not surprising — Non-U.S. properties typically do a much better job in terms of food and beverage.

I love smoked salmon. So I have a personal benchmark when it comes to hotel breakfast. When the hotel serves smoked salmon, they automatically do meet my standard of what’s considered a good breakfast.


Renaissance Santiago offers solid breakfast selections at their lounge. Being a gold member at that time was much more valuable than what it currently is. Marriot Bonvoy has gone downhill at an accelerated pace. Today, gold members would barely get any benefit, let alone silver members. That said, we enjoyed our stay at Renaissance Santiago, and will stay there again.

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