Air New Zealand Domestic Lounge – Christchurch (CHC)

Happy New Year!

Well, it was a happy new year three months ago! 😉

On new year’s day, I flew from Christchurch to Auckland on Air New Zealand for the first time. I wrote about how easy it was to get from the airport to Doubletree Chateau on the Park, the hotel I stayed at. Similarly, the ride from the hotel to the airport was just as easy.

In this series:

Christchurch airport is relatively small, though it serves quite a few international flights. The layout was a bit strange, in my opinion, because the check-in area and arrival were both on the same level — maybe it’s something I’m not used to seeing.

There was a separate check=in counter for premium cabin passengers, as well as elite members. The lady at the counter was not particularly friendly. I had two cabin bags, and she insisted that it wouldn’t be allowed since I purchased a seat fare — the equivalent of basic economy, which only allowed one cabin bag weighing up to 7kg. I told her that Star Alliance Gold member is entitled to an additional cabin bag. At first, she persisted, but after going back and forth, she gave up and kind of shrugged her shoulders.

After I got my boarding pass, I headed to Air New Zealand Christchurch Domestic Lounge upstairs after security. As a reminder, the lounge can be accessed by Airpoints Elite, Gold, Elite Partner, and Koru members, as well as Star Alliance Gold members.

Upon entrance, I was greeted by a friendly agent who quickly scanned my boarding pass for admission.

I love how open the main area is.

There were a couple of large bistro tables with a few dozens of stools.

The food selections were excellent. There was a hot buffet station as well as choices of pastries and breakfast items. For a domestic lounge, it was actually quite impressive.

In the middle of the dining area, there was juice and coffee station. You can either order directly from the barista or use the tablet to order.

There were also a few bistro sets against the large windows overlooking the tarmac.

To the right, there were more sitting areas with dozens of chairs and sofas.

And finally, there was a couple sitting pods by the business center.


Air New Zealand Christchurch Domestic Lounge exceeded my expectations. When it comes to domestic lounges, I thought it would be something like the typical lounges operated by US airlines, but I was totally wrong.

The food selections were great – there were many options to choose from. As a coffee lover, I appreciate that there was a coffee station with a barista who made your coffee to your liking.

If you have an hour or so to spare, I would definitely visit the lounge before the flights to relax a bit and have some breakfast and coffee.

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  1. For the record, the check in lady was correct. You were not entitled to an additional bag as your ticket was seat only. Key word for this benefit is ‘additional’. You were in the wrong here.


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