Sunday Brunch Episode 19: Garuda Indonesia Business Class HND – CGK

In 2017, I went on a trip to Japan with my mom. While I was impressed with Garuda Indonesia first class, their business class is mediocre at best. The service felt more like an assembly line, though it was still much better than the service level you would typically get from U.S. airlines — sadly, it’s more of a norm than an exception.

The meal service started with a satay sampler. It was flavorful, though I wish it were warmer.

Then the starter that consisted of seafood and chicken accompanied with cold soba noodles. I can’t help but think that the combination was a little strange.

And the main course consisted of beef teriyaki and tofu, along with miso soup — they were delicious.

And finally, to finish, I had some sort of cupcake and ice cream.

I also ordered a mid-flight snack, smoked salmon sandwich. It left a lot to be desired.


Garuda Indonesia business class was mediocre at best. While the flight attendants were friendly, the service felt more like an assembly line. The food wasn’t memorable. Perhaps, it was just one of a few exceptions, and I will give Garuda Indonesia business class another try.


  1. Hello Tripp!

    I’m doing well. Just living a grounded life a day at a time. 🙂 I hope you are well too!

    Stay safe! 🙂


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