Adina Apartment Hotel Auckland Britomart, New Zealand

Usually, I like staying at a chain or a boutique hotel. Chain hotels allow me to earn points and hotel status. That’s what this blog is all about after all — earning miles and points! I also love staying in boutique hotels.

In this series:

That’s said, I tend to be less picky about accommodation when I travel alone. I’m a decent planner, but admittedly, I didn’t plan well this time around. I made a costly mistake twice, and by far, this was the most extended trip I’ve ever been — 16 days away from home!

After going over budget, I thought I’d stay somewhere relatively affordable. That’s when I decided to stay at the Adina Apartment Hotel in Auckland. The hotel was centrally located in Auckland CBD near the wharf. The nightly rate was reasonably priced around 100 USD per night, though the idea of staying in an apartment hotel didn’t thrill me.

Upon arrival in Auckland on my Air New Zealand flight, I took the SkyBus to the city center. The process was relatively easy, and I highly recommend that. The bus dropped off Customs Street across the US Consulate General, about 750 meters from the hotel.

Quite a few people were checking in when I arrived. It took me about 15 minutes until it was my turn. Apparently, they were having technical difficulty with the keycard access system, so they had to key me in using the master key until the issue got resolved — no big deal.

To my surprise, the room was spacious, clean, and tidy! For some reason, in my mind, apartment hotels would be condo units that were individually managed by their owners — just like bed and breakfast.

As you enter the room, you’ll see a kitchenette and a refrigerator, microwave, toaster, electric kettle, and a cabinet supplied with basic dinnerware and silverware.

And then to the left, there was a small living room with a couple of pieces of Ikea-like furniture like sofa, coffee table, and bistro set.

The bed was comfortable, and the view wasn’t bad either, but there is nothing to see other than an office building across the street.

The bathroom was clean and nothing fancy, but it was more than what I needed.

Basic toiletries by Enriched were also provided.

Finally, I also checked out the fitness room, but who really got time for working out while on vacation?! 😉


I was pleasantly surprised. I typically never really considered staying in an apartment hotel. Not that it’s terrible or anything, it’s just that I prefer a place managed by a company rather than its owner. But was I totally wrong. I have to say Adina Apartment Hotel exceeded my expectations. It wasn’t a luxury hotel by any means, but it was more than what I needed. As long as the room is clean, I’m all for it.

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