Sunday Brunch Episode 21: The Stones Hotel — Autograph Collection Legian Bali, Indonesia

Last year, my friend Aaron and I went on a trip to Athens and Bali. They were two random places, but the main reason was that we wanted to take the Turkish Airlines Boeing 787-9 inaugural flight and destination. That required a positioning to Cairo as the business class fare was very cheap on that particular market.

In Bali, we spent a couple of nights in Ubud and had a pleasant stay at Ubud Dedari Villa. Since Aaron was a Bali virgin, of course, he wanted to stay in Kuta, and we decided to stay at The Stones Hotel — Autograph Collection, Legian Bali. I typically don’t go after hotel loyalty programs, but since Aaron held a top-tier status at Marriott, we thought it would be wise to utilize the elite benefits.

Generally, hotels in Asia impress me with their breakfast offerings, though for some reason, I didn’t take the buffet pictures! One of those things I always forgot, realized, and regretted after I returned home — no such thing called taking too many pictures!

If you are familiar with Indonesian breakfast, you know what Bubur Ayam is. It’s basically a chicken porridge with toppings. It was very delicious and reminded me of my childhood growing up!

Indonesians are also very proud of their Sambal. There was a sambal corner where you can get get a variety of them.

How about Donut’s wall of fame?

Ice cream for breakfast? YASSSSSS!!


I love hotel breakfasts, especially hotels in Asia. If you noticed, I wrote several Sunday Brunch episodes on hotel breakfast in Colombo, Lombok, and Ho Chi Minh City, and they were all impressive. Breakfast at The Stones Hotel was no exception. And ice cream for breakfast? YASSSSSS!!


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