Sunday Brunch Episode 22: Qatar Airways Business Class DOH – CGK

Happy Covid Mother’s Day!

To honor Mother’s day, this weekend’s Sunday Brunch Series features one of the trips I took with my mom throughout the years. Back in early 2017, my mom and I went to Istanbul for a couple of days. On our way back, we took a positioning flight from Istanbul to Cairo, and then we flew from Cairo to Jakarta via Doha — thanks to the fantastic premium fare out of Cairo!

This particular episode highlights our meals on Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Jakarta. One thing I love about Qatar Airways is the a la carte dining where you can order anything and anytime you want.

Dinner started with amuse-bouche, which consisted of smoked salmon tartare and mango salsa.

It was followed by the appetizers — I had the prawn and potato salad, while mom had the soup.

For the main course, I had stir-fry beef. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of mom’s.

And finally, I had ice cream for dessert.

Before I dozed off for a couple of hours on this short 8-hour flight, I ordered some tea, which was presented along with a Godiva dark chocolate truffle.

About an hour before arrival in Jakarta, I wanted to eat something light. I ordered the smoked salmon and horseradish potato salad, as well as a bowl of bircher muesli and a shot of carrot energizer. At this point, mom was still sleeping soundly.

And finally, she woke up 30 minutes before landing as we started the descent. I was surprised that the flight attendant still offered her breakfast while everyone else was preparing for landing — talk about excellent service! I can’t imagine what US airline flight attendant would do — she would probably get yelled at for not having her seat in the upright position! 😛


I never had a bad flight with Qatar Airways. This flight was no exception. The crews were polished, and the service level was above and beyond. The food was excellent, and I absolutely love the à la carte dining concept. I can’t wait to fly Qatar Airways again!

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