Malaysia Airlines Business Class 737-800 Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

Earlier in my New Year 2020 South Pacific Journey, I wrote a review about the Malaysia Airlines flights I took from Manila to Singapore via Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia Airlines may not be a global airline, but I’m a big fan of them. While traveling regionally in Asia, I’d never hesitated to fly with them. I think the service is comparable to Singapore Airlines, which is unsurprising given how hospitable Malaysian culture is. As far as I remember, I always had a pleasant experience.

In this series:

After arriving in Singapore on my Fiji Airways flight from Nadi, I had to walk over to Terminal 2 and stopped by the transfer desk to get my Malaysia Airlines boarding pass. In my previous post, I mentioned the security checkpoint in Nadi was a big hassle, so I had to check my bag. While nothing terrible has happened to me, it sure made me nervous.

Once I got my boarding pass and luggage tag, I stopped by the Qantas First Lounge again for a quick shower and dinner. As always, it was fabulous!

Flight Number: MH610
Route: Manila (MNL) – Kuala Lumpur (KUL)
Schedule: 21:20 – 22:20
Duration: 1h
Aircraft Type: Boeing 737-800
Cabin: Business Class
Seat: 1A
Date: January 4, 2020

I then walked over to the boarding gate and boarded the plane shortly after. It was a very quick one hour flight. Like the previous flight, Malaysia Airlines’ business class is pretty standard. It offers generous legroom and leg rest, unlike business class cabin and seats you’d typically find in the U.S.

Waiting on my seat were a pillow and blanket. After settling in, the flight attendant came and offered pre-departure beverage — I had orange juice.

It wasn’t a full flight. We left the gate early and took off minutes later. Despite a short-late-departure flight, the snack was served. I can remember what the dish was called, but growing up in Indonesia reminds me of vegetable salad with peanut dressing called Gado-Gado — I liked it!

We landed in Kuala Lumpur ahead of schedule, and I breezed through the immigration as there wasn’t a line. I then went to the baggage claim early just to wait and find out my bag was missing.

I knew it — argh!

I said many times that I hate checking my bags. I don’t trust people. After nearly two hours going back and forth dealing with the baggage claim office, they finally located my bag. Apparently, it was stranded at the cargo hold after they took it out of the plane. In the end, I was so happy to reunite with my bag. Otherwise, it would have been a disaster as I have an early flight the next morning, and my upcoming flights were all in separate tickets.


I’m a big fan of Malaysia Airlines. No doubt, it is my go-to airline when traveling within Asia. I think what really stands out is their service, even on a short flight. This particular flight was pretty uneventful, and my gut was right about checking my bag. When possible, I will avoid checking bags in the future, because I have a solid reason for that.

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