Sunday Brunch Episode 24: American Airlines First Class LAX – MIA

American Airlines used to be great. I flew with them a ton — roughly 150k miles a year, though things started to go downhill when they implemented revenue-based mileage earning back in 2016. I also believe that the company leadership under US Airways management legacy has turned a great airline not so great. That’s one of the few reasons I refuse to spend another dime on American Airlines.

Before the revenue-based mileage earning took place, I did a lot of mileage runs where the mileage earning was based on how far you fly. I remember getting good deals on American Airlines premium transcon fare originating from San Jose, CA to San Juan, PR via Los Angeles, and Miami. What’s really cool about it was the Los Angeles to Miami leg was operated by American’s 777-300ER, which featured First Class cabin.

One weekend, I flew this run with my ex, and he graciously bumped us from Business Class to First Class using his Systemwide Upgrade certificates. So this weekend’s Sunday Brunch episode, I’m going to share what it’s like to have lunch together in Suite 1A.

The service started with appetizers. I had smoked salmon dip with toasts, and Zach had Mozzarella cheese with capers.

The meal also came with salad, which I found kind of basic.

Zach had the vegetarian option for the main course — it was paneer with grilled cauliflower, served over steamed rice.

I ordered the wagyu meatloaf. I’m sure it wasn’t a real wagyu, but regardless, it tasted good even though the presentation suggested otherwise.

To finished, we had the usual ice cream Sundae — it was yummy!


I like the idea of having lunch in pairs. American’s 777-300ER First Class cabin was pretty decent. At least it was spacious enough for your companion to sit on the bench (footrest) and share the meal with you.

The food was decent as well, but more importantly, the service was excellent. The flight attendant working in our aisle was lovely. Unfortunately, the culture of the company has drastically changed over the years.

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