Sunday Brunch Episode 26: The Silk Road From Amman to Petra, Jordan

Happy Sunday, Y’all!

I’m sitting out on my deck, enjoying a warm summer evening before the tropical storm comes in the next few days. Weeks after weeks, I’ve been voluntarily grounding myself due to the pandemic – I’m sure my fellow travelers and AvGeeks can relate how painful it is not able to travel. Going through my old travel photos, I’d honestly wished I were in Jordan, exploring Petra, Wadi Rum, floating on the Dead Sea, and other Unesco World Heritage Sites.

Back in December 2017, Kevy and I visited Jordan for a holiday. The decision was based on the return trip of our Qatar Airways cheap business class fare we got. Despite a short visit, we had a great time exploring the country and sampling their delicious cuisine.

After a freezing walk around Petra, we stopped by a local place for lunch called Petra Night. The food was truly amazing — our meal started with hummus and Za’atar spice blend with Shrak Bread.

I ordered a mixed grilled served in a unique tabletop grill.

Kevy had Jordanian Lamb Platter, Mansaf — you can’t say you’ve been to Jordan if you didn’t have Mansaf!

Before heading back to Amman, we stopped by the Mövenpick Resort Petra for some coffee.

Kevy had been to Jordan before, so he knew some places around the city and suggested that we have lunch at Al-Quds — they are well known for their Mansaf (yes, another lamb!).

To finish, we had some sweets and rolled pistachio ice cream — yum!


One of the things I enjoyed the most is food! During our short trip to Jordan, we had the opportunity to try some fantastic local delicacies. I’m blessed that I’m not a picky eater, and I think Kevy is the same way. That’s why we could eat just about anything, anywhere!

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