Sunday Brunch Episode 29: Qatar Airways Business Class CAI – DOH

Last week’s Sunday Brunch episode, I wrote about Turkish Künefe and Dondurma. I thought this week I should write about the continuation of our Journey. After spending a few days in Istanbul, it was time to fly home. As you know, I always tried to find the best deal, which typically involves positioning. That was exactly what we did. We flew from Istanbul to Cairo and then bought a separate ticket from Cairo to Jakarta via Doha on Qatar Airways.

Transiting without a visa (TWOV) at Cairo Airport is always interesting. I heard horror stories all the time, though I never really had a significant problem — I’ve done it multiple times, including with my friend Aaron when we did the inaugural flight from Istanbul to Bali on Turkish Airlines’ first Dreamliner.

Mom seemed to keep her excitement, as you can see from the photos below.

But I have to admit that I love remote-stand boarding. It’s just something about walking by the massive jet engine when boarding the plane.

Once we settled in, we each had a glass of rosé.

Since we are traveling together, we tend to mix match our meal to sample more food.

The appetizers consisted of grilled chicken salad, soup, and Arabic mezze.

For the main course, I ordered a lamb shank.

Mom had some seafood platter: lobster, prawn, and fish.

For dessert, we both had pistachio macarons, but it was too sweet for me.


I love Qatar Airways’ dine on demand concept, even on the haul flights. I think their food is definitely above average.

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