Sunday Brunch Episode 30: Chicken Kyiv

I enjoy traveling solo. It’s something about having the freedom to do whatever and whenever without having to worry about others. I love the adventure of going to places where nobody speaks English because that’s how you get the most authentic travel experience.

A few years ago, I went on a trip to Kyiv, Ukraine alone. Of course, the first thing that came to mind was Chicken Kyiv. Though, I’m not sure if Chicken Kyiv’s history and whether or not it was originated from Kyiv โ€” there is reading about it.

Long story short, I arrived in Kyiv early in the morning. After checking-in at the hotel, I wandered around the city and found a place called Chicken Kyiv!

It’s a beautiful restaurant with some cool and unique decor.

I ordered a cup of cappuccino, which was fantastic. It was a perfect hot beverage since it was very cold outside.

I also ordered, as you might have guessed, Chicken Kyiv.

It tasted good. It was comfort food that most people will like.


I think it’s almost a novelty. When you are in Kyiv, you got to try Chicken Kyiv and Chicken Kyiv!

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