New 2021 Review: United Airlines First Class 737-900 Seattle to Washington

After a quick trip on the West Coast, I flew back to Washington D.C. on Sunday morning. My friend David dropped me off at SeaTac around 7:30 in the morning. As expected, the airport wasn’t busy.

Unlike pre-pandemic time, the TSA lines at SeaTac was a breeze. Within minutes I reached my departing gate and found out my upgrade has been processed in advance. I walked to the podium, and a friendly agent handed me my new boarding pass with a new seat assignment.

Shortly after, the gate agent announced there would be an ID check for every passenger. As you can see, TSA personnel set up a temporary booth for a secondary screening. There was an agent who wandered around and selected people for a “random” screening. I double quoted “random“ because anybody selected, including myself, was non-white, except one passenger. I didn’t want to draw a premature conclusion, but that’s what I observed.

As usual, boarding seemed civilized compared to the pre-pandemic time – I hope it will stick around even after we got out of this Covid mess. I quickly settled at my seat – minutes later, my seatmate arrived.

As I mentioned previously, flying isn’t all that exciting anymore. A four-hour flight felt like forever. As we reached a cruising altitude, the flight attendants started the beverage service. Unfortunately, breakfast was not offered on this flight. Instead, only two options of snack boxes were available.

The remainder of the flight was pretty uneventful. I finished a few more episodes of Schitt’s Creek that I downloaded before the flight. We arrived at Washington Dulles ahead of schedule.


I wasn’t sure if the secondary “random” screening and ID check at the gate was part of the heightened security week due pro-Trump mob who stormed and vandalized the United States Capitol. If not, this must be something new since I had not flown for a while.

It was a good, uneventful flight. But this quick 4-hour journey felt like forever. I didn’t eat anything before the flight, so the snack box options were a bit of a disappointment, though it was not at all a big deal.

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